The breed-specific task of the Labrador Retriever is to find and deliver wounded or dead game to the hunter. Retrievers are excellent for hunting birds and small game, and because of their good sense of smell, they are also used for blood trails. In addition to hunting, participation in breed-specific tests is possible – the retriever test, the retriever breed test and the working retriever test. Find out more about the breed test and the level test.

With a Labrador it is also possible to participate in hunting tests intended for all hunting dogs – Determination of the hunting ability of hunting dogs when searching for waterfowl (waterfowl test), Determination of the hunting ability of hunting dogs when searching for wild birds (game test) and Determination of hunting ability on an artificial blood trail 500-600 m long.

Passing an appropriate test is also necessary to confirm the title of Estonian outdoor champion, for which, according to the status of champion titles awarded by the EKL, the following are suitable:

  • carried out with the retriever breed test,
  • conducted a test for the breed of retrievers with mannequins,
  • in the waterfowl test at least grade III, or
  • not lower than III degree in the test for wild birds.

Labradors are also successful in other areas of training such as obedience, obedience, agility, rescue, water rescue. Labradors are also used as guide dogs for the blind, as therapy dogs, and as drug and bomb dogs.

Additional Information:

The defense and training coordinator of the association is Reeli Kuhi-Thalfeldt,